About Us

Ugaadi Entertainments originate to make your film dreams true. Ugaadi Entertainments is aimed the release unreleased Movies through our website www.webtheatre.in. we also encourage and help the new ambitious people very low budgeted projects.

what we provide you?

  1. Our site www.webtheatre.in exhibits new movies on movies page. A viewer can watch as many times as possible within 24 hours by paying for the e-ticket price through online. The price will be difference movie to movie.
  2. short films can be watched by the viewers always free of cost.
  3. In the "Talented" page is film artists, and technicians are available. The film makers and short film makers can utilize the artists technicians and others.
  4. Ugaadi Entertainments is being a production of films and short films company will choose artists, technicians and others from "Talented" Page only.
  5. Those who subscribed with www.webtheatre.in site can utilize tutorials free of cost from "Tutorials" Page.
  6. The subscription price for one year is just Rs.365/- Only.
  7. we pay amount for outer production short film On viewer basis.
  8. We give an opportunity to new talented artists and technicians.